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Printing has had a unique place in the history of communication for over 500 years and it will surpass this new communicational paradigm, with whatever name one wishes to call it - Information Society, Telecommunications Revolution, Century of Knowledge, Digital Era, Cyberspace or Internet.

In this digital information era, consubstantiated by means such  as this one, many voices have already discussed the viability of Books and the printed word, which is very often seen as threatened.  Nevertheless, discussion has cooled and books are still around.  They continue being produced every day, and for many varied destinations...
At the end of the day, Norprint's success depends on Books.  To prove it are the various quotes below, which writers and personalities have stated about the company.

João Rui de Sousa


This is in fact the book house.  First writers write, then someone makes the book.  This is important: the book house would not survive if nobody wrote, nor would writers survive, they would have no visibility, if books were not printed and published.
I am very pleased for the presence in "Trends o' the writing" and am glad to be present in exchanging affection in this wonderful house of books -  "Norprint".



Lidia Jorge


The importance of the printing industry... my God, it is definite!  It can smother a book or it can in fact save it.  We supply the substance, but all the visibility, making it legible, making it capableof accessing the reader, originates from these places where people do their physical part.  We are thankful whena book ends up having a good presentation, when it is legible, when it has good paper, when it has good printing...  We are thankful and very often we do not know who to tell so we usually tell the publisher, but we know that backstage there is a company such as this one.
Let Norprint take care of the oven; we will take care of the dough.
Best wishes for this Company that has become a Team.
We shall forever see one another, on the pages of books.


Manuel Rui


This printing industry is important not only in the industry of literature but in the whole world, in all its complexity, in the processing of ideas. Who is to tell if the next Nobel Chemistry or Physics Prize is not a child who will use one of the dictionaries printed here?  But to me, this is not limited to literature, it reaches all domains of human knowledge, sensitivity, faith and the strife for peace.
With admiration, affection and confidence,





Mario Delgado Aparain


One thing that has astounded me,in a time when it is said that books are dying, with cybernetic communication taking its place, is contemplating that there is true art within graphic printing;  it is fantastic.
I believe it is very healthy that poets and writers feel in their hearts and can attest that behind them they have the result of thousands of workers and a technology specifically dedicated to perfecting that beloved child called the book.

From the bottom of my heart to all the workers at Norprint, for that communication between creation and the physical work,
With love,



Rui Zink


The importance of the printing industry is paramount.  At the end of a motion picture there are credits, where the names of all people who worked in the film come up.  We know about Steven Spielberg but then there are many, many people who worked in the film. It is regrettable that, for questions of space, we don't have those credits in a book.  The book is always signed by the author who is, for questions of marketing and image, the front man, and who has his name in big letters;
by the publisher, who is responsible, as a whole, for the production of that book.  It is also signed by the production and the company that makes it.  A book is a marvellous object that lasts throughout time and space. It is still the best way to share ideas. It is in that line of reasoning that I think this work is fundamental and I am pleasantly surprised at Norprint.
Actually, one hears the truth about someone when they are not present and in conversation with a collaborator of yours, he paid an extremely good compliment to the excellency at Norprint, with no exception of anybody at the company.
Many congratulations! - to the excellency at Norprint.
Thank you my friend


Vergilio Alberto Vieira


I already had some amount of expectation because thirty years ago I was taken, for the first time, to a place where books are made.  I recall those times with a lot of emotion and I leave here with great satisfaction because there is no-one who was not remembered here today.
The toil of the rotary printing machines reminded me here and now, of the heartbeat

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